The “Commission d’Exportation des Vins de France” was created on 7 January 1922 as a section of the “Comité International du Commerce des Vins, Cidres, Spiritueux et Liqueurs”. In 1968, this Commission was incorporated as a non-profit, independent and autonomous association.

In its original by-laws (art II), its “purposes” were already to:

Defend the interests of French wine export, by mutual agreement of the traders from the places where those wines are produced, who are qualified and interested in this export;
Assist Public Authorities to study and perform measures likely to intensify, pursue, in collaboration with them, its development in particular with permanent relations with importer traders from Foreign Countries, via the study of all tax issues and other issues that have an impact on exchanges, via appropriate ads, via the way visitors who are not from our production areas are welcomed.

At the instigation of the main Champagne and Cognac houses, whose common feature was already the strong international development, both sector structures that existed at that time, the “Commission d’Exportation des Vins de France” and the “Syndicat du Commerce d’Exportation des Vins, Spiritueux et Liqueurs de France”, merged on 4 November 1976 into one single association: The “Fédération du Commerce d’Exportation des Vins et Spiritueux de France”.

Four years later, our organisation assumed its final name and becomes the:

“Fédération des Exportateurs de Vins & Spiritueux de France (FEVS)”.