Germany is the first world importer of wines in terms of volume.

In 2018, Germany imported 15 million hl of wines representing a value of 2.5 billion euros. It is also the first market in terms of volume for exports of French wine even if Germany is only ranked as 4th in terms of value on all wines and spirits.

Consumption of wines and spirits in Germany is stable. Germany is ranked as 4th consumer of wines in the world, with an average of 24.4 l per inhabitant in 2017. Nevertheless, it is the first consumer market for sparkling wines with 3.5 l per year and per inhabitant.

Germany remains the first EU market in terms of volume of spirits, with annual consumption of around 5.4 l per inhabitant.

As it is a member state of the European Union, Germany is a market that is relatively easy to get access to. However, there are few regulatory differences on topics such as spirit labelling or even packaging management.