How to become a member?

Any company that exports French wines and spirits may be a member of the “Fédération des Exportateurs de Vins et Spiritueux de France”.
To do so, it must file an application for membership and commit to pay the contribution settled every year by the General Meeting.

Contact FEVS

The application is reviewed by the Board of Directors that decides on the answer to be given.

In the event of positive answer from the Board of Directors, the membership is effective from the moment the contribution of the member company was actually paid.

Every year, the General Meeting of FEVS is informed of companies that became member of FEVS.

Why becoming a FEVS member?


  1. Online access to regulatory information, in the form of sheets concerning more than 200 countries and territories,
  2. Access to all figures of French export, updated on a monthly basis, country per country, product per product,
  3. Assistance hotline for your additional questions,
  4. Be regularly informed of regulatory changes,
  5. Take part in technical meetings or thematic seminars arranged by FEVS for its members.