The "Commission d'Exportation des Vins de France" was created on 7 January 1922 as a branch of the Comité International du Commerce des Vins, Cidres, Spiritueux et Liqueurs. In 1968, the Commission became an independent and autonomous association.

In its statutes (Art II), the established objectives were:

  • To defend the exporting interests of French wines, by common understanding among qualified and interested French wine production merchants; and

  • To collaborate with public authorities in the study and execution of measures that could increase and promote the development of the industry, especially through permanent relations with foreign import merchants, by the study of all fiscal and other issues having an effect on trade, by timely promotion, and by welcoming foreign visitors to our regions of production."

  • Led by major Champagne and Cognac producers, who share a strong international presence, the two existing industry organisations - the Commission d'Exportation des Vins de France and the Syndicat du Commerce d'Exportation des Vins, Spiritueux et Liqueurs de France - merged on 4 November 1976 into a single association :

    La Fédération du Commerce d'Exportation des Vins et Spiritueux de France

    Four years later, our organisation adopted its definitive name and became the

    Fédération des Exportateurs de Vins & Spiritueux de France (FEVS)


    The FEVS brings together 550 members who, as a group, represent 85% of all French wine and spirits exports. They include businesses of all sizes (SMEs, large companies and French subsidiaries of foreign companies), from all of France's regions of production, making all types of products, including still wines, sparkling wines and Champagne, spirits, liqueurs, aromatised wines, and aperitif wines. They are all professionals in the export of these products.

    The FEVS plays a significant role as a professional organisation representing the French wine and spirits industry in all areas international of interest.


    The FEVS president is elected to a 3-year term by the Ordinary General Assembly and is chosen from the 18 members of the Board of Directors. Board members are also elected to 3-year terms, in accordance with a tradition of alternating between the spirits and wine divisions, and reflecting the diversity of regions and products we represent.

    The current FEVS president is Claude de Jouvencel (Marnier-Lapostolle Group).

    Former presidents of the FEVS include:
    2008 - Claude de JOUVENCEL (Marnier-Lapostolle) - Paris
    2005 - Philippe CASTEJA (Borie-Manoux) - Bordeaux
    2002 - Patrick RICARD (Pernod-Ricard) - Paris
    2000 - Bertrand DEVILLARD (Antonin Rodet) - Bourgogne
    1996 - Philippe PASCAL (Moët-Hennessy) - Paris
    1994 - JM. CHADRONNIER (CVBG-Dourthe Kressmann) - Bordeaux
    1992 - D. HERIARD DUBREUIL (Rémy Cointreau) - Paris
    1990 - C. TAITTINGER (Taittinger) - Champagne
    1988 - J. SAINT MARTIN (Izzara) - Paris
    1986 - L. LATOUR (Louis Latour) - Bourgogne
    1983 - JJ. BOUFFARD (Pernod-Ricard) - Paris
    1980 - B. MURE (Ruinart) - Champagne
    1978 - G. de GEOFFRE (Jas Hennessy) - Cognac
    1976 - G. FAIVELEY (Jh. Faiveley) - Bourgogne
    1974 - Ph. VIGNA (Vigna & Fils) - Paris
    1964 - F. BOUCHARD (Bouchard Père & Fils) - Bourgogne
    1960 - C.CRUSE (Cruse) - Bordeaux
    1922 - B. de MUN (Veuve Clicquot) - Champagne
    1922 - D. GUESTIER (Barton & Guestier) - Bordeaux

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